Pixels and Pattern 


The Correspondent  Acrylic on Linen, 113 cm x 124 cm





Groundswell Acrylic on Linen  113 cm x 124 cm

I’ve just put forward these works to a group show with a statement as follows :

These paintings develop ideas on the correspondence between the processes  forming a crowd and image formation. Seen close-up an image becomes a collective set of particles, pixels that follow waves of tonal information. At a distance a crowd of people turns into a pattern. There’s a shadowy surveillance space between people,  pixels and pattern explored here.  

About nameerdavis

I'm drawn to the crowd and the culture it foments.
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2 Responses to Pixels and Pattern 

  1. james rogers says:

    Hi Nameer,

    sure would like to see these in the flesh. on this scale the rhythm of the dots is lizard and leopard skin with swathes of distant landscape space being pulled into focus through a telephoto lens. Is that the ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ bleeding through the algorithm ?

    The drone view of the crowd on the lower image makes for a much tougher reading against the flow of the patterning, itself extraordinarily complex, and giving no contextual clue in the density.

    Definitely seeming as though I am seeing them from afar.

    Cheers for now, James


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  2. painter12 says:

    Been thinking of you two, been trying to work out a time you could stay if u wanted, we are working weekends, maybe a Monday night? Cheers David


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