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I'm drawn to the crowd and the culture it foments.

Parallel Lives

20 years ago duo Massive Attack brought out the album Mezzanine crackling with cached sounds of heartbeats and musical interludes that haunt the weave of its fabric for emotional focus. The modernist idea of always undoing what you did before … Continue reading

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My Phantom Africa

I left for the airport from the apartment after three days without power or water. In the neighbourhood diesel generators work round-the-clock and each morning Olufela and Taiwo bucket water from an adjoining street and up two flights. Members of … Continue reading

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I’m in a Zanzibar office waiting to reactivate my phone account, at the other end of the room the receptionist sits against an emerald green wall wearing a lilac head scarf and a deep pink silk blouse: the umber of … Continue reading

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