Parallel Lives

Mezzanine 2019 synthetic polymer on canvas

20 years ago duo Massive Attack brought out the album Mezzanine crackling with cached sounds of heartbeats and musical interludes that haunt the weave of its fabric for emotional focus.

Seamstress 2019 synthetic polymer on canvas

The modernist idea of always undoing what you did before in order to discover something new to look at … replaying … going over it again … a distrust of memory seen as unreliable compared to the moment of seeing into

Angel 2019 synthetic polymer on burlap

the visual puzzle … elements from diverse sources … bricolage, the repurposing of old signs … an exercise in cognition as opposed to recognition.

Colony 2019 synthetic polymer on Linen

Formats for the human Figure originating in fashion plates and security footage such as grids and colour progressions are systems and rules, the ties that bind limits and opportunities within systemic fields.

Exchange 2019 synthetic polymer on linen

Hannah Arendt, as discussed in a previous post, presents a nuanced view of the vita activa, the active life, not just the heartbeat of the gym, fitness and exercise, nor simply the labour paid for in wages, but also the experience of work as a skilled process and of action into a social situation whose consequences reverberate and transform.

Bromide 2019 synthetic polymer on canvas

Humans generally have too complex a brain for the life they live. A large part of their brain capacity isn’t used. And one life isn’t enough. You need to have parallel lives or you can’t resist. (Michel Houllebecq)

Dissolve 2019 synthetic polymer on aluminium

In the Mid 1990s at the height of the Yugoslav war when race and religion displaced many people who had to take up their lives I was traveling on a train in Central Europe, stopped in the night between stations. Border police ushered out a distraught young couple and their two infant children onto the rail tracks. This stays in my mind, I was with my mother whose own life has been crossed by the lines of exile and displacement that run forward and backward in time.

Diver 2019 synthetic polymer on canvas

Risingson 2019 synthetic polymer on burlap

.. and his senses were as doubled,
Because his sight, like a dog, ran ahead of him,
Turned around, came back to him and stood
Waiting for him at the next roadbend
Rainer Maria Rilke: Orpheus

Summer Nights 2019 synthetic polymer on linen


About nameerdavis

I'm drawn to the crowd and the culture it foments.
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3 Responses to Parallel Lives

  1. Gordon says:

    I like No 4, No6 or No 8
    They are more realist of people or nature
    See how the show goes before deciding?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. painter12 says:

    Hi Nameer, Looks like a great show ahead, sure you will have a great night. We are travelling and will continue, Tuesday to LA. Will be thinking of you and Barb, hope you both sell heaps. Like the Rilke quote, like driving highways, the eyes always looking far and back again. Cheers David

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amazing work Nameer looking forward to seeing the exhibition


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